Butter Croissant Filled With Egg and Bacon

Butter Croissant Filled With Egg and Bacon

Open Croissant filled with eggs and bacon

Ready to Bake Instructions:

Handling Information: Store the product and keep frozen below 0 F

Baking Instructions:

  1. Fully Defrost before Baking. For optimum results; defrost Pastry in the refrigerator a day before baking.
  2. For a desired finish and color, place with a brush a little beaten egg on the product just before baking.
  3. Baking Oven Temperature: 350-360 F / Cooking Time: 16 Min. All the approximate baking times are based on the Regular Convection Oven Kitchen which temperature needs to be adjusted to match baking.
  4. Caution When finished baking wait 15 minutes before eating.

Additional Info

  • Count: 50 Units
  • Weight Each: 3.4 Onz
  • Shelf Life: 90 Days
  • Box Size: 13.25 * 10.25 * 9 Inches