We make it, you bake it


We provide a “Ready to Bake” pastry and bakery products for commercial marketplace. Just bake and let your costumer be the judges. In the market we focus on providing regardless of its size: Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Bakeries, Schools, Catering Services, Corporation Events, Supermarkets , Convenience Stores / Gas Stations. Contact us for a demonstration and this will convince you to place the order.Our quality is guaranteed through our customers.  Our products are of the highest quality. Made in USA with 100% butter. No Trans Fat. If you want to order please contact us and we have a previous meeting to give you all the details. 

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Did you know that Flavs Bakery has been a family business for more than 100 years?

Our grandparents started in the year of 1913 in a small bakery in their house where they used to live in a small town called Carbonara di Rovolon, at the foot of a mountain in northern Italy, near Venice, Italy.

After the World War II, the family emigrated to South America and in 1992 founded Carbonara Pan Corp.  In 2013, the family decided to expand the company to Sarasota, Florida, to offer its customers the best European quality.